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Everyone has something to offer. Colt and his team are showcasing your moments, skills, and knowledge to share with our viewers and change lives. Share something amazing with us--the possibilities are endless!

Fill out one (or more!) of the submissions below, and one of our crew members will contact you within one week if your submission is chosen to be shown on The Colt Show! If you don't hear back, submit again! We will do our best to fit your submission into an episode!


What non-profits are you passionate about?

Colt is on the lookout for non-profits who are doing amazing things in the community. Have one in mind? Tell us about them, and why we should have them on The Colt Show!

Do you LOVE Taylor Swift? We do too! Send us a video!

Are you a dancer or a musician? Submit us a video of you either singing a cover or doing a dance to song of hers. We want to showcase it on our show.



Does someone you know need recognition?

Selfless love and service should not go without notice. We want to know how we can help, and give back to those who deserve it!

Who do you want to see on the show?

Everyone has something to offer this world. If you know someone whose story needs to be heard, tell us! We want to showcase their stories and knowledge!