We are proud to announce that we are recruiting young adults (those under the age of 18) to be guests on our show. We call them “Nuggets of Gold”, accrediting students with golden hearts doing golden deeds. We are looking for those who have made a difference in their community, school, and in the lives of others. 


The Nugget of Gold is selected through the following standards of empowering self-growth:


  • A highly positive attitude

  • Setting goals with high aspirations

  • Proactivity in accomplishing these goals

  • Strong communication skills, both in listening and speaking

  • Strong teamwork and skills

  • One who has overcome a difficult obstacle and can help others learn from what they have learned

  • Demonstrates a giving heart through daily actions and a unique ability to inspire others


If you know of an individual who you think would be an excellent guest as a Nugget of Gold and who deserves recognition for their outstanding efforts, please fill out the application below. You may nominate students or allow them to apply! We will personally contact finalists and request their joining us on one of our weekly segments. 


Please complete one of the forms below: