In the midst of a rapidly changing world, it is crucial that we never stop learning to grow. We live in a day and age where everything is changing constantly--new iPhones are being built every year, everything is voice controlled, and cars are learning to drive themselves. The future leaders of America are now the current leaders of America, and it’s like we’ve all gone into panic mode. It’s becoming harder and harder to get jobs, because people refuse to grow and adapt to the changing society, culture, and atmosphere. As things change, so must we. Once we stop growing, we become irrelevant. Never get too comfortable--even David Beckham states that he always looks at himself and sees room for improvement.

Self-growth is a continual process and it doesn’t move in a straight line. Marjori Krebs, an Associate Professor at the University of New Mexico College of Education, shared with us some of her advice for personal development. It requires work and effort. "You must take time to reflect on yourself and your life and be able to identify what you want to change," states Krebs. We’re all on this journey to become the best versions of ourselves, and it is so important that we take the necessary steps to get there. This means doing what is necessary to fulfill yourself spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and physically.

I still look at myself & want to improve
— David Beckham

Turn your experiences into opportunities for growth. Use positive experiences to grow in virtue and gratitude. Use negative experiences as a chance to reflect and learn. “Come to the realization that not everybody has it figured out and you may never have everything figured out,” states Krebs, “Everybody is going through something.” It becomes our job to identify what it is about an experience that we are to take and apply to future situations. One of the hardest things to do is admit our own failure. Our circumstances often point out what in our lives need to change. Being able to identify these failures as opportunities is the first, and often hardest, step in your journey of self-growth

Self growth is contagious. You become the average of the five people you spend the most time with. If you fill your life with people who challenge you and push you to become better, you will be inspired to grow, and it will spread and radiate to those around you. We tend to enter into relationships for superficial and self-gratifying reasons. Healthy and lasting relationships are fostered by entering into a relationship thinking, “I want this person to be the best version of themself they can be.” Before you can help someone else grow, you need to commit to growing yourself.

Measure your progress. “Physical growth is easier to observe through visible progress and deficits,” shares Krebs, “Other areas are harder to identify your flaws and begin the journey to fix them.” Krebs emphasizes the importance of having a strong support group. If you’ve surrounded yourself with people who work together to become better versions of themselves, then you have people who can help hold you accountable. For me, when someone important to me verbally communicates the growth they see in me, it inspires me to keep working on myself.

Discover your passion. “Everyone has gifts that they bring to the world,” states Krebs, “When we discover our gifts and how they will help the world then you have found your niche.” Engage in meaningful work and make a difference. Our purpose is uncovered through service. You must figure out the meaning of your own life and how you can help others, which in turn will bring true happiness. What makes your life worth living?

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