5 Ways to Spice Up Your Personality

"What attracts each person is very different and depends on the personality of each person. Sometimes it is the adventurous spirit that draws people in and sometimes it is the person that you can sit and talk with over coffee," Bisaan shares.

"Go out and try new things with people and you will have a connection with that person as well as with others who enjoy that same activity. Trying new things allows you to live your life to the fullest and really grow. Self-growth leads to confidence. Anybody can be beautiful if you get to know them. Every person has attractive aspects of their personality and they just need to grow in those aspects. Attractive personalities tend to be very powerful."


Charisma is a natural draw. Individuals with this trait are able to inspire devotion from others.


Be confident in your own skin. This will come in time if it hasn't already. As you work on growing as a person, confidence will soon follow as a by-product of your personal development.


Make yourself relatable to others. That is a skill that is so valuable in every aspect of your life. As soon as you open up, others start to understand you more and they understand your actions and begin to support you more than they did before


Show genuine care for the well-being of others. This will not only attract others, but also aid in your personal development. Caring for others is a proven contributor to self-growth.


Self-sacrifice is not only an attractive quality, but also the ultimate form of love.

Colt Balok